Noxious Weed Notice

2nd scenic barn photo for home pageRICHFIELD TOWNSHIP RESIDENTS

Notice is hereby given to all residents of Richfield Township to cut or remove all noxious weeds as required by the Ohio Revised Code. Noxious weeds, as defined by the director of agriculture, include brush, briers, burrs, vines, multiflora rose, Russian Canadian, or common thistles, wild lettuce, wild parsnips, wild carrots, wild mustard, oxeye daises, ragweed, milkweed, and ironweed, shatter cane, or any other plant prohibited noxious weed.

All noxious weeds must be cut or removed prior to their spreading or scattering of mature seeds. Removal or cutting must be completed by June 10th and must be maintained throughout the growing season.

If the owner, lessee, agent or tenant having charge of private land under RC 5579.05 fails to comply with the notice, the board of township trustees will arrange for the weeds to be cut or destroyed as permitted by the Ohio Revised Code. They will employ the necessary labor, materials and equipment to perform the task. All expenses incurred will be reported to the county auditor to be entered upon the tax duplicate, and will be entered as lien upon the land, to be collected as other taxes.

By order of the Richfield Township Trustees.

Linda Decker
Fiscal Officer