Wolfinger Cemetery

cemeteryWolfinger Cemetery is located on Wolfinger Road within Secor Park.

The cemetery was established in 1835.

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Wolfinger Cemetery Rules and Regulations:

  • No digging or planting allowed.
  • No glass containers of any type.
  • Artificial flowers permitted.
  • Potted plants may be placed anytime and removed within a reasonable amount of time.
  • Wastepaper and rubbish must not be deposited on the lawn.
  • All flowers, wreaths, etc. shall be removed from graves by March 1st.
  • All markers and monuments must have a concrete base flush with ground and extending at least 2 inches on all sides of marker.
  • Bases must be installed by the Township and payment to the Fiscal Officer.
  • By order of the Richfield Township Trustees, 419-829-2781